PLEASE be respectful to others who will be renting this van and leave it in the condition it was given to you. Unlike other rental companies, we do not charge cleaning fees as standard, but if the van is a tip then we will charge you for our time to clean it, up to max of $250. 

The van will often be sent out to the next renters the same day or the day after you return it. It really impacts us by trying to give the caring service that we want to be able to provide to you and others.   

  1. RETURN THE VAN  AT THE TIME AGREED PLEASE.  If you are going to be late, please notify us as our offices may be closed. 
  2. RETURN THE VAN IN THE SAME CONDITION as it was given to you. Clean inside and out. Check all the  cubby holes and under the seats
  3. ONLY USE APPROVED CAR WASHES. Either manual or Auto Express wash.  Other automatic car washes will damage the solar panels. An approved auto Express wash is just 5 minutes down the road from us.
  4. REPORT DAMAGE — PLEASE report any external and internal faults or damage to the campervan. If we do not know about it then we are unable to get it fixed in time for the next renters.  
  5. BE GOOD TO THE ENVIRONMENT — PLEASE make sure you leave no trace of your trip behind and help us keep New Zealand beautiful for generations to come.