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How many people can I fit in a Wanderer?

2 people (seats 2, sleeps 2 in one double bed)

What fuel type are your campers?

All our campers are Petrol.

Where can I find the Terms and Conditions?

Terms and Conditions can be found here

Are there any restrictions regarding where I can take my Camper?

We do not permit any vehicles on:-

Ninety Mile Beach (Northland), Ball Hutt Road (Mt Cook), Skippers Road (Queenstown).

Fire trails, beaches, sand, tracks, fields or paddocks are also not permitted.

The only exception to this is reasonable use of access roads to recognised commercial campgrounds

What make & model is your Wanderer?

Model: Toyota Estima
Vehicle year: 2000-2003
Interior refit: 2014

What is included in my Wanderer?

All Cutlery and Dinnerware


Cooking Equipment

Can / Bottle Opener and Kitchen Utensils

Bucket and Cleaning Equipment

AA Roadside Breakdown Assistance

Unlimited Kilometres

Our branch has local tourist information and maps available.

What camper rental extras can I hire?

There is a great range of additional hire items which can be viewed here

Can we smoke in your vehicles?

Smoking is prohibited in our vehicles.
If you are found to have smoked in a vehicle then a special cleaning fee of $250 (minimum) will apply. You may also be charged for any rental days the vehicle cannot be rented out.

What is the minimum hire period?

Our standard minimum hire period is 5 days.

Minimum hire periods may increase over peak season, and are subject to change without notice based on the season and availability.

To check exact minimum hire periods its best to make a quote for your specific dates.

What Drivers Licences do you accept?

We will accept drivers 18 years and over who hold:

Full Driver Licence in English.

If the Licence is not in English then you will need an International Driver Permit or a Certified Translation of the home country Driver Licence. This must accompany the home country Driver Licence.

Temporary Driver Licence Permit – only if you hold a NZ Driver Licence and you must present photo ID.

Restricted NZ Licence (refer to terms and conditions, we do not accept Learners License)

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Will I be charged for the miles I drive?

Your hire includes unlimited miles

Can I take my pet with me on holiday?

Animals (excluding registered guide or assistance dogs) are not permitted in the vehicle at any time. A maximum cleaning fee of $250.00 will be applied.

Public Holidays

We are open Mon-Fri (0900-1700), Sat (1000-1600), the only days we are closed are Christmas’ day and New Year’s Day.

Clean Up before you return

Ensure that you’ve taken any rubbish, tidy the camper and generally your camper looks spick and span. If it’s not in a respectable condition, we will charge you a $250 cleaning fee.

Pickup and Dropoff

What do I bring?

(Below is a recommendation only of items you should consider when travelling around New Zealand) Most items can be purchased cheaply once you’ve arrived, or can be hired during the Self Check-in process. New Zealand is a temperate climate, but as an island nation, note that conditions can change quickly. For more information on climate in New Zealand, refer to the met service website. This resource will give you up to date weather forecasts for all major centers, weather warnings and ski updates for all major ski fields during ski season. The most important thing to bring is your sense of adventure. We only ask that you respect our environment when you travel so it can be enjoyed for generations to come.

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What time should I pick up my campervan?

It’s really important we know what time within our branch hours you will be picking up and dropping off your Camper. When you are completing your booking, please give us an accurate arrival time in the branch for pick up & drop off. Pick up and drop off outside of these times may cause a delay and impact the time spent at the branch. If you wish to change these times you must obtain authorisation from Nomadic Campers or further fees will apply.

During Your Stay

Can a child seat be fitted to the campervan?

Sorry our campers cannot be fitted with child seats.

What is the safe travel speed for driving the campervans?

The open road speed limit is 100km/hour but we suggest a comfortable speed for driving your campervan is 90km/hour, especially if you have never driven one before. Should you choose to travel below the speed limit, please show courtesy to other road users by allowing them to pass.

Can I park and sleep in the campervan wherever I want, or do I have to stay in a campground?

It is not always necessary to go to a camp ground. It is acceptable to stop on the side of the road or in a bush reserve as long as there are no signs saying “No Parking/Overnight Camping”. Please use commonsense and courtesy. Also, please remember to take any rubbish for proper disposal later. Camp grounds usually charge around NZ$10 – $15 per night per person.

Do I have to pre-book camping parks?

It is rare for powered sites to be full at camping parks. The only time it may be a problem is over the Christmas/New Year period continuing to the end of the second week of January and also the first two weeks of February. Bookings may be wise in some of the key tourist centres also.

What happens if I have an accident and it’s not my fault?

In the event that something happens to the campervan and you are not at fault, (either a vehicle accident where someone strikes the vehicle or damage occurs while the vehicle is parked) you are liable for the damage caused to the vehicle until we are able to receive payment for those damages from the third party.

What currency will my Credit Card be charged? Do we pay Good & Services Tax?

All credit card transactions will be processed in the card’s Country of Origin currency when available, otherwise they will be charged in New Zealand dollars. This applies to all bookings made through our website. Goods and Services tax (GST) is included in the daily gross rental rate of your vehicle hire. New Zealand GST is calculated at 15%.

Freedom Camping in New Zealand

In New Zealand Freedom Camping (i.e. camping in public places) is allowed in most parts of New Zealand.
However you will find that New Zealand also contains a very large number of clean and friendly campgrounds situated in amazing locations around the country. If you do decide to Freedom Camp you need to ensure you camp near public toilets and take extra care to clear your site of any rubbish, and other waste before leaving.
New Zealanders are very passionate about our beautiful country and people found to be abusing this are likely to come across a very unfriendly welcome or even face fines.

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Assume Nothing, Always Ask a Local!

The best place to find information about where you can camp and what procedures to follow is from those who know the area. Ask locals for information. People at these places are expecting you to call in. They have all the information you need.

Play it Safe

Staying safe is important to enjoying your holiday. This information is provided to help you travel safely throughout New Zealand. Remember New Zealand can experience four seasons in a day, therefore for even short outdoor trips you should carry a waterproof top and warm clothing. For anything over a short walk, always let someone know where you are going and when you will be back. The sections below offer more information.

Use the Facilities

In the spirit of Kaitiakitanga (guardianship) we ask that you become familiar with the information in this section and plan a holiday committed to leaving no trace of your trip for the collective benefit of current and future generations. ‘Camping our way’ is not using the side of the road or the bush as a toilet – please use on-board or public facilities.

Public Toilets

Dump stations

LoveNZ – Recycle

HAPNZ Holiday Parks

DOC Campsites

i-SITE visitor centre

Department of Conservation

Litter laws in NZ!

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Follow the Signs

Please leave no trace of your visit. Put all your rubbish in the bins provided

To help protect our environment, please carefully recycle your rubbish in the bins provided

Public toilets. ‘Camping our way’ is not using the bush as a toilet – please use on-board or public facilities

Dump stations – these are places where you can empty your campervan toilet and wastewater

Yes, you can camp here!

Call in to Information centres, Department of Conservation visitor centres and holiday parks and ask about local camping guidelines. Ask a local!

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