Mechanical Information

Battery:  The starter battery is located under the bonnet. To access this you will need to pull the release lever located at the lower right-hand side of the steering wheel. There is a set of jumper cables located in the storage unit behind the passenger and driver seat should you require them. 

Fuel: To access the fuel tank you will need to pull the release lever located on the lower right-hand side of the driver’s seat. PLEASE ONLY USE PETROL! 

Looking: If your key has buttons on it then it has a central locking system and you are able to unlock and lock the car by pushing them if it doesn’t; then you will need to make sure you lock the doors manually with the key.  

Oil: The oil dipstick and reservoir are located under the bonnet it will have an image of a wee little oil can on the cap so you know which one it is. 

Tyres: The correct pressure for the tyres is 36psi, please ensure you check the pressure before each trip. 

Water: The radiator cap is located under the bonnet. CAUTION Radiator cap may be HOT, so please make sure it has cooled fulling before unscrewing it. 

Washer Fluid:  The reservoir for the windscreen fluid is located under the bonnet to the left of the engine bay.   

Puncture:  In the event of a puncture, use the tools located inside the front bench seat. To lower the spare wheel cradle, undo the retaining bolt in the floor near the centre of the back bumper. To access this, the rear door must be open. Please ensure that the damaged tyre and cradle are firmly secured before Driving away. If you do not feel comfortable changing the tyre then please phone 0508697623 for roadside assistance.

 Interior Information 

Bed:   The bed is made up of three rectangle cushions and the bed board is located on the top of the rear seat. To make up the bed, flip the top rear seat board outwards and this will fill the gap between the seats. The additional cushion is placed over the bed board.  

 Gas Cooker:   To access the gas cooker you will need to open the rear door of the vehicle and pull open the drawer located on the left hand side of the kitchen unit under the fridge. To use, press the lever down to engage the gas canister and then turn the circle knob anti-clockwise until the gas cooker tries to ignite. If the gas cooker fails to ignite, repeat the process. In the event that the gas cooker does not ignite the gas canister may be empty and needs replacing. After use, be sure to pull the lever back up to disconnect the gas canister. Please note the gas cooker should NOT be used to heat the vehicle. 

 Lights: The internal lights operate off the engine battery and the switches for each light are on the light fittings. The lights will not work if the engine battery is flat. Please be aware that prolonged usage of the lights will drain the power from the battery used to start the vehicle.  

 Water:   The vehicle has a 10 litre fresh and a 10-litre grey-water tank. The tanks are located under the sink behind the kitchen cabinet at the rear of the vehicle. Please make sure that the hose is straight after refilling the tank otherwise no water will flow, to make sure the water flows, pump the tap. At the end of your hire please make sure that the grey-water tank has been properly emptied at designated dumpsites. DO NOT dump grey water down normal drainage or on the ground! 

 Fridge:  The fridge is located at the back of the van on the left-hand side. There is a cigarette plug socked to the left in which you plug it in to keep your items cool. Please note that the fridge can be noisy when running so you may want to unplug it for a good nights sleep.  

 Battery:  There is a secondary battery located under the front bench seat. You can use this to charge any electronic devices without having to worry about draining the main battery. However please note that this battery recharges when the vehicle has been running. If you are staying at one campsite for a period of time and continually use the second battery without running the van then you will drain the battery. 

 Solar:   If your campervan is fitted with a solar panel, there are a few things you should be aware of: 1. The secondary battery is charged when the car is running and by the solar panel.2. For the solar panel to be effective it needs full sunlight (i.e. don’t park in the shade if you want it to charge the battery) 3. We have designed the power systems to last for two days without extra charge at normal use. 4. If you run the battery down then the 25% light on the yellow controller will flash and shut down the USB ports,      fridge and radio until the battery is charged again. You will need to go on a drive for a few hours or have good sunlight to recharge the battery. 

 We do not charge a cleaning fee as standard, however, all we ask is that you follow a few simple house rules 1. Please bring the van back in the same condition in which you were given it 2. No smoking of any kind or vaping inside the vehicle 3. No off-roading  4. Please make sure you fill the petrol tank back up to the level in which you received the van otherwise you will incur an additional charge  5. Most importantly have fun exploring New Zealand and creating new memories.